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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

You are subject to the following Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policies when you use, browse, or create an account to our website. By using, browsing, or creating an account to our website, you acknowledge that you read and agree to these Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies.

Terms & Conditions as well as Privacy Policies may be updated by GXTWORLD at any time upon giving notice to members through their respective emails. Except where otherwise stated, GXTWORLD reserves the right to change or discontinue any aspect of the website at any time. If at any point you do not agree or find any of the terms, conditions or privacy policies unacceptable to you, you must leave the website and/or terminate your membership with us.

GXTWORLD reserves the right to suspend or ban any users from the website without any notice if we find out they are not following in accordance to our Terms & Conditions or Privacy Policy.

  • Copyright Policy

All content on this site, including, but not limited to: informational content, graphic images, and program code such as html and JavaScript, are protected by copyright laws and may not be reproduced and/or distributed in any manner without obtaining permission of the copyright owner and an express written consent of GXTWORLD.

  • Use of Our Service

You will not copy, downloaded or distribute any content which violates the rights of any person, including but not limited to, rights in copyrights.

You will not breach any laws, our terms & conditions and privacy policies, or participate in any activities that will harm our website and reputation like distributing viruses.

You will not use any content in our website to solicit our users, members for the benefit of another entity who can be considered as our competitor. You will not solicit or even hire our employees to leave or not to renew their contracts with us.

You will notify us immediately if you witness any policy violations of the website or services provided.

  • Disclaimer

All prices listed are accurate to the best of our abilities. In the rare case that an item is listed incorrectly, GXTWORLD reserves the right to refuse the sale and may offer the items again with the correct information.

GXTWORLD does not guarantee the availability of any items listed on the website. If the item selected for purchase is not available, GXTWORLD will make every effort to contact the customer to notify them of the cancellation.

Please note that upon placing an order, a receipt is automatically mailed confirming the purchase intent. This receipt does not constitute a contract, and orders may be cancelled at any time due to insufficient stock, inability to authorize a credit card, suspicion of fraudulent intent, discovery of an incorrect item price, or any other reason, as we see fit. Please further note that GXTWORLD shall have the right to refuse or cancel any such order whether or not your credit card has been charged. If your credit card has already been charged and your order is cancelled, GXTWORLD shall issue a credit to your credit card account in the amount of the purchase.

Our items is sold in “as is” condition. Jewelry, like all material, is susceptible to damage and requires preventative measures and maintenance. It is important to be aware of your jewelry while wearing it and to choose pieces that are appropriate for your lifestyle. We recommend removing all jewelry, especially rings, in situations when abnormal contact is expected. GXTWORLD will not be reliable for any loss of money, goodwill, indirect or direct damages.

In rare occasions where technical problems arises, we will not be liable for any damages caused by technical problems, defects or any unauthorised access into our website.

  • Legal

We cannot guarantee that our website will be legal under the laws and regulations applicable to you. It is your responsibility to seek legal advice and check to see if the it complies.

  • Indemnification

Parties agree to indemnify and hold GXTWORLD harmless, including respective employees, from all claims, actions, losses, damages, liabilities, suits, and costs, arising out of, relating to or in connection with the website or services provided, transactions or disputes of users or members, Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

  • Miscellaneous

GXTWORLD will not be liable for any delay or failure to perform any of its obligations to you caused by events that is beyond reasonable control.

Any cause or claim of action against a party that is related to the website, service provided or Terms & Conditions must be filed within six (6) months after cause of actions accrues or such cause of action is permanently barred.

  • Reward Point

We are using the service provided by a third party, GXTPLATFORM.INC in BIV, with regards to the reward point in the payment methods. We will not be liable for any damages, losses, actions, suits or issues about GXTPLATFORM.INC in BIV.

We hold the right to cancel or terminate contract with GXTPLATFORM.INC in IBV without any liabilities.

The exchange rate of the reward point will be based on CoinGecko.

  • Buyers and Sellers

In the event that a transaction between a buyer and a seller is unsuccessful, including, but not limited to, due to insufficient funds from the buyer, or if seller failed to update his inventories, or if the shipment for the item(s) fails for any reason whatsoever, or the item(s) fails to be authenticated for any reason whatsoever, we may return the diamond back to the seller and/or refund the amount we charged the buyer, and GXTWORLD will not be imposed with any kinds of liability. Every buyer and seller is to comply with all applicable laws.

Each seller is expected to :

  • Constantly update changes in their inventory
  • Make sure their inventory is available at all times once listed
  • Have a reliable grading certificate of the diamonds available at all times once listed
  • Make sure when sending over the diamond for transaction, they will ensure that the diamond, that is being transacted, and the grading certificate of the diamond matches.

Each buyer is expected to:

  • Ensure they have sufficient funds (in whatever mode of payment they are going to use) to complete a transaction before they buy the item.


  • Returns

Items purchased and received are strictly non-refundable. However, in a case where the diamond purchased is no longer available or you do not agree to pay for the tax, and we have charged you for the item(s), we will refund you the full amount.

  • Forms of Payment

American express
Diners Club International
WeChat Pay
Reward Point (GXT Token)

  • Tax

Tax is charged on orders shipped according to tax rate of the country which the shipping is made to. It is not included inside the shipping fee.


  • Changes to order

If you need to change your order please email support@gxtworld.com  as soon as possible. We are happy to make any changes before your order has been shipped.

  • Shipping

As we are transporting expensive goods, we will be placing a fixed shipping fee of 100 USD. The shipping fee is not inclusive of tax.

Order processing will be finished within 2 weeks. Once your order has been purchased, your item(s) will be shipped that day, or within 48 hours on weekends. We will be using the best delivery option available in the country you have ordered to. The delivery services we will be using are UPS, EMS and FedEx.

Once your item has been shipped you will receive an email containing the tracking number for your shipment. GXT only ships packages Monday through Friday.

  • Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy will inform you on what information we retain and use. It can be found in our privacy policy page. Link to it is shared below:

Privacy Policy



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